Welcome to Raden kids….. If you haven’t heard my ramblings for over 2 years on my social media Platforms about this idea then count yourself Lucky….

Raden Kids has been my baby for almost Two Years now… It has been a Toddler not in the size of my impact but in how longI have wanted to do something about Education in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

I am so not, where i want to be, however i have decided to not sit and wait for things to be Perfect before at least doing something…..

So While I keep Working on the Mega Plan for Raden kids, I will be sharing and talking about my ideas,events, opinions about books, the dwindling reading culture in Nigeria and exciting businesses who have started in their own ways to change the Narrative about Books and Education in Africa.

In no particular Order, here is a list of great online book stores that stock great books for Children of all ages in Nigeria:

1. Chelis Bookazine Ltd (www.chelusbooazine.com
2. The Bookworrmcafebookstore (linktr.ee/thebookwarmcafebookstore)
3. booksforkidsng (Instagram)
4. Patabahbooks (linktr.ee/patabahbooks)
5. Tam’sInk Childrens bookstore Nigeria (www.tamsinbooks.com.ng/)
6. Tots Toys ( Well not online per say but they have a good selection of books in store).

Till next Time when I talk about Children Focused Book Clubs.



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