If you are thinking of engaging activities for children, then a Book club is one of the ways you can keep your Kids entertained, while stimulating their minds.

A Book Club will benefit young minds by:

  • Positive reading attitudes.
  • Self-confidence as a reader.
  • Greater understanding of cultures.
  • Empathy and insight into human nature.
  • Increased decision-making skills.
  • Increased vocabulary.
  • Improved writing ability.
  • Improved text comprehension and grammar.

Now, it is no news that the attention span of children is quite short, however, 60 Minutes or an hour spent reading will improve a child’s ability and interest in reading.   The enjoyment of reading and being able to read confidently also has a big impact on a child’s academic success and is an indicator of success in other areas of life. A 2006 study found that children who loved to read at age 14:

  • Had higher social/attitudinal competencies
  • Scored higher in maths, reading and problem solving
  • Had higher engagement at school
  • Displayed more positive friendships and relationships
  • Showed less risky behaviour
  • Showed higher motivation towards school

So, let’s get right to it, (Due to the novelty of Book clubs for children, most of these organizations are on Instagram)

  • Kidsliterarycircle: I highly recommend this book club as there are different sessions for all ages. They offer distinct activities like excursions, paintings etc with dedicated staffs which is what Radenkids stands for.
  • Nigeria’s Children’s Book CafeThis is for the Mainland people (before you kill me) and it is a two for one. They have a bookstore both Online and Offline and hold different sessions or book club meetings.

Till I come your way next time… let’s get our kids reading again!

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