Let us get right to it…… what is Alternative learning?

Most parents believe this is a method of teaching children who have issues with authority or behavioral problems.

According to a 2014 study by The National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE), students in alternative programs are often there because of academic or emotional challenges. These may include poor attendance, suspension, expulsion, family stress, emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, poor grades, disruptive classroom behavior or pregnancy.

However, I humbly disagree with this study as the curriculum in all stages of Education is outdated.

Look at the excerpt of  John Holts Book  ‘How Children Learn”: 

The book tries to describe children–in a few cases, adults–using their minds well, learning boldly and effectively. Some of the children described are in school; most are not yet old enough. It is before they get to school that children are likely to do their best learning. Many experts agree that this is so, though they differ about the reason. I believe, and try to show here, that in most situations our minds work best when we use them in a certain way, and that young children tend to learn better than grownups (and better than they themselves will when they are older) because they use their minds in a special way. In short, children have a style of learning that fits their condition.

Only a few Children in school end up becoming the way we want them, therefore alienating the so-called dull ones. Why do you think it is highly celebrated if a school drop-out becomes successful.

My submission? Parents should begin to look at sending children to schools who observe alternative methods of learning.  I leave with various methods of Alternative learning to look out for in your Child’s School.

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